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What's New About Pass Weekend

We are very happy with the results of this past weekend in our dogs, as a Breeder we are always aware of what our dogs do in the show. The important part of being a breeder is to always see the achievements of the dogs we bred. For us it is very satisfying to see that the work we dedicate from knowing each one of our dogs, searching for the bloodlines that lead us to the results we seek in each litter, to always being able to achieve the results we see in the show rings.

Picture for the labrador retriever of the potomac Speciality (Fall Show) 2021

Bred By Pedro Olvera SANTY Labradors

Owner Gene C Wolfenbarger

Moose was recognized this past weekend

Mahoning Shenango kennel club

Sunday 08/07/2022 In Canfield OH

Best of Breed Judge Ms Sharol Candance Way

Moose is one of our dogs that has managed to be in the show ring, and completed a career not only because of his characteristics, the valance, the floatation that he has when he walking, the conformation,

Clean Cut Head, Dense Resistant Coat, and Otter Tail. As a moose breeder, I'm very proud of his achievements.

Abbey is another Santy that was recognized this past weekend! She earned her Novice B Title With a score of 190 out of the 200.

Abbey has been recognized multiple times with only two years of age. She is close to finishing her American Championship.

Once again, as a breeder it is very satisfying to see our dogs always putting the name of SANTY in any dog show.

Bred by Pedro Olvera Santy Labradors

Owner Leslie P.

Milo was recognized this past weekend In Sicily Best Junior and later competing with adult dogs. He achieves the Reserved Best Of Breed .

Milo is only 9 months old and has shown to be a very competitive youngster! He has been recognized in different Cities of Europe as The Best Junior and Best of Breed.

Bred By Pedro Olvera Santy Labradors

Owner Claire S.

This speaks of hours of work, not only in having searched for the Best Bloodlines, but tremendous work that goes into making a cross,the care of the Mother, the care of the Puppies when they are born until they leave home , that is the most satisfying.

Extremely Satisfied to see how our dogs carrie the name of SANTY to the most prestigious shows not only in the State but also in many parts of the World.

As a Breeder, you are able to see the Performance of each one of your dogs in different Continents, I can Feel the Satisfactions of all those hours of work have been WORTH IT!!!!!!



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