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Katie Edmonds Peters 


My family and I decided to get a dog. I grew up having a black English Labrador, so naturally, that's what I wanted. 


I went on Google looking for the best breeder, with the most quality English labs. I stumbled upon Smoky Mountain Labradors. Long story short, we purchased a puppy from Smoky Mtn. Not having purchased a puppy before, I wasn't educated on the process at all. To say the least, the process was stressful and less than ideal. But, we got our puppy, and we loved him. He was very full of energy and a bit on the wild side. He was also pretty small for an English lab. At 10 months old, he unexpectedly had a heart attack and died. Our family was beyond devastated. I called and let the breeder know what had happened, and the lack of sympathy was disheartening. He offered to sell me another puppy for $4,500. After our conversation, I felt the need to start doing more research and going elsewhere. 


The male that Smoky Mountain Labradors breeds all of their puppies out of is named Santy Smoky Mtn Moose. I started looking and realized Santy Labradors actually bred Santy Smoky Mtn  Moose. 


I reached out to Pedro at Santy Labradors, and God blessed me that day! I was finally in the hands of a breeder that cared about the quality of his dogs. What I had found out about Smoky Mountain Labradors is that they have satellite kennels with so many females that they are breeding, they do not care about the quality of the puppy, they are just trying to make a dollar. In fact, the owner never even lays eyes on the puppies. 

Pedro, at Santy Labradors, is literally in the whelping box when his puppies are born. All of his dogs live at his beautiful home in South Carolina. 


My family and I drove to South Carolina and met Pedro and his wife, Mercedes, and went to their home. We were able to see all of his dogs and spend time with them. 


We took home a male black puppy and a chocolate female puppy that day. They are SPECTACULAR! I can't say enough about them. Immediately, I saw SUCH a difference in the quality, as opposed to our beloved Gus, that we had gotten from Smoky Mountain. These dogs were already potty trained, at 9 weeks and 13 weeks, and beyond calm. I was nervous about getting two at once, but they are so well behaved, it has been such a joy! Also, their build is true English. Our boy, Buck, is 5 months old and well over 50 lb. 


Pedro is very particular about his blood line and which dogs he chooses to breed, and IT SHOWS. He is so incredibly responsive. I talked to him on the phone so many times prior to buying our puppies, and also several times since. 


If you are purchasing a puppy, I cannot stress to you enough how important it is to chose the right breeder. Santy Labradors is top notch. Their dogs, their customer service are unmatched. They care about their dogs and they care about their customers. 


Thank you, Santy Labradors, for making our family complete! We look forward to several years with our top quality labs. Who knows, maybe we will get a yellow to complete our tribe 😉

Stephen Feldhaus

Pedro and Santy English Labs are nothing short of Phenominal! I just received a pup from Pedro and this pup is AWESOME!! Pedro and his wife are the most caring, dedicated, devoted and professional English Lab Breeders that one could ever hope for. It is completely obvious the love, care and devotion these two have for their labs. PEDRO is constantly striving for the best quality English Labrador you could ever hope for. Search no further for your journey with a fantastically beautiful english Lab. Santy English Labradors should be your ONLY choice for the best looking, best temperament and overall BEST quality English Labrador you could ever run across. I've had labradors my entire life and I was completely blown away with the quality of Pedro's English labs. I got to meet Maya's Dad and he was phenomenal, I have never seen such a gorgeous English Lab. That's the only word that applies to Pedro's English Labradors! I got Maya this past weekend (9 weeks old) and she is already bonding with my 6 month old English lab. I don't like to compare as I love them both equally, however, the intelligence of Maya is off the charts. She mastered my back deck stairs immediately whereas it took my 6 month old English lab (Shiloe), 4 days...Maya mastered my dog door in 1 hour, now she's in and out like Shiloe. Let me tell you, I've never had a pup learn so quickly. She is already crate trained after 6 days and she is on her way to be house trained in record time. Smart pup, in fact smart is not giving this pup due diligence....I am telling this to everyone that sees this that you cant go wrong on a Santy English Labrador Retriever! Look no further if you desire the BESTof the BEST. Pedro and his wife are awesome in that the care and work they put in to achieve the best quality english lab is extraordinarily evident in the pup I just received from them. Pedro is always looking to achieve a better English lab, although I don't know how he could do better as the results of Maya are the culmination of lots of love, hard work and dedication to the breed. Do yourself a favor, when it comes down to making a decision on a 14 year journey with an unbelievable, remarkably awesome English Labrador Retriever, IT DOESN'T
GET ANY BETTER than a Santy English Labrador Retriever. My hats off to you Pedro for providing me a pup that will enhance myself and Shiloe for a very long time....and so the journey begins. Thank you Pedro!

Bud Nash
Very nice honest people!! Dogs are great!! We love our chocolate lab ....highest quality...very happy dog!!

Lora Allemeier
Molly, our 16 month old from Santy, is a delight. We are asked about where we got here frequently and another family member purchased a Santy Lab for their family after spending time with her. She has the classic Lab temperament. She is a beloved member of our family, And she’s beautiful and healthy. Thank you Santy

Nicole Morris

We couldn’t be happier with our new puppy that we just got 6 days ago! We drove from Florida to South Carolina to get him b/c we knew from the moment we talked to Pedro on the phone he was an honest, genuine person who truly adores all his dogs. We couldn’t have asked for a sweeter, smarter, prettier boy! He even sleeps thru the night!

Brian Comerford
Santy labs are the best! We picked up our male, black puppy in late May and are so happy that we chose to buy him from Santy! Our puppy is smart, learns very quick, and has a very calm demeanor. His paws are huge! If you're looking for an exceptional puppy with that traditional, English Labrador look, look no further than Santy!

Eric Satula

It was by chance that we got a puppy from Santy Labs but we were blessed to get a call that a little girl was available. I don't think that 5 stars is actually enough for these folks. Yes we got a new little pup but Pedro and Mercedes are also so warm and welcoming people. I had spent 2 hours with them and the time just few by. I could of talked with them all night. I can not express how grateful I am to have met them. Pedro and Mercedes and their dogs are fantastic. If you are looking for a new family member (new pup) i would definitely recommend them absolutely. I know that when we are looking again i will be contacting them. They treat their dogs as family as all Labs should be. Thank you again and it was fantastic meeting you!

Robert Ward

We picked our puppy up from Pedro at Santy just over a week ago and couldn't be happier. He has a great temperament, friends and family cant get enough of him! He's been a great addition to our family and we cannot thank Pedro & Mercedes enough!!

John Lay

We are so happy with our chocolate male puppy from Santy Labradors. The day we picked him up it was obvious Pedro and Mercedes truly love their dogs. They spent more than an hour with us helping our son pick out a puppy that would be both a great companion for him and a great fit for our family. His is a beautiful, playful and intelligent dog and has an amazing temperament. Our vet is also impressed with him (all of the vets in the practice have had to come in to admire him). We could not be more pleased with the newest addition to our family. If you want an amazing lab, Santy Labradors is the place

Gary DiOrio
If you are looking for the perfect English Lab for your family, look no further!! Pedro and Mercedes love their dogs and it shows because they are all so sweet and loving... wonderful people => wonderful labs ... so happy we found Santy Labradors! They made the experience really easy and special! Thank you Pedro and Mercedes for giving us a special addition to our family!!

Amy Crawford

I just returned home to Iowa from picking my new puppy up from Santy Labs. She was well worth the 34-hour (roundtrip) drive! She is an absolute doll -- very sweet disposition and extremely low key. She is English lab through and through-- boxy build, otter tail, square head. Pedro and Mercedes are absolutely lovely and a pleasure to work with. They are very responsive and professional, and they clearly love their dogs. They worked with my puppy to get her started on house breaking (no accidents on the drive back and none so far now that we're home) and walking on a leash. She seems very well adjusted and socialized --very friendly with people and other dogs. I am thrilled beyond words with my new baby, and grateful to Pedro and Mercedes for giving my girl such a loving first home and a great head start.

Edward Artidiello
We were so fortunate to find Santy Labradors. They are wonderful people that love dogs and you can definitely tell Their commitment to quality to bar none. If you are looking for a top notch quality English Labrador I highly recommend you seek them out.

Brooke Taylor
This is the second English lab I have owned and I love the breed. We have had our Santy lab for about a month now. He was about potty trained when we brought him home. He is very smart, laid back and great with all 5 of our children! We are very glad we choose to get a Santy Labrador!! I would recommend them to anyone looking for a high quality dog breed from a qualified breeder!

Lewis Hortman

I can't brag enough on the quality of puppies Santy Labradors produces! The pictures on their website are a very good examples of what I am talking about, BUT when you actually hold one of them, it's like WOW!

Our 11 week old female Luna is pictured.

If your in the market for a quality puppy, that has a wonderful temperament, and disposition, I strongly encourage you to go see them! The Olvera’s are wonderful people that truly care about their animals.

Mallory Underwood
We love our sweet and handsome Santy puppy! Smart and eager to please, he came to us extremely well adjusted with a calm, steady temperament. He has been a wonderful addition to our family! Pedro and Mercedes were great to work with, are very knowledgeable and and clearly adore their dogs.

nick smith
Santy Labs has so much passion for their labs. We are so thankful we we able to find them and get one of their amazing labs. Highly recommend them.

Stacey Shipp

I wish I could give 10 stars. I cannot say enough good about the experience of picking up our boy “Levi”. We own a 9 year old English and he is the perfect addition. Pedro and Mercedes are salt of the earth and we learned so much from them, and not just about the breed. I feared we had overstayed our welcome but once you meet them and hear their journey you can’t help but be proud for all they have accomplished. We wish them the highest success in their endeavors with this breed. Our boy is perfect!!
Thank you for loving your dogs as you do and being so gracious. Santy Labradors is 100% the right choice.

Pedro and his lovely wife raise the highest quality English Labradors. Our family recently picked up our Chocolate boy from Santy, and he is an amazing pup. If you're looking for top quality in temperament, bones, and intelligence from a winning show-line, Santy Labradors is 100% the right choice.

Patrick Francis
Pedro is the nicest guy you can speak to his labs are so beautiful and so true to the English lab breed I just got a puppy from Pedro and he is so so beautiful and so laid back and very calm to and when I picked him up at the airport 15 people complimented on how nice he looks and beautiful he is so that tells you something about Pedro and the Santy labs they are honest and true to this beautiful breed and he is there to talk to you about anything about his dogs he is truly an awesome guy thank you so much for everything I will be letting everyone I meet know about you. Patrick and my buddy for life Sterling.

Kevin Miller
Got our black lab from Pedro at Santy labs.
She has the best temperament. She's sweet and loving for the whole family. She's enjoying her new family in Central Florida.
Highly recommend Sanry Labradors 👍

Dawn Gentry
Quality breeder. Couldn't be happier with our new addition and our vet was impressed with the quality of care prior to us taking the pup home. Would highly recommend this breeder to anyone looking for a full English lab.

Dorothy Noel
We have bought 2 labrador puppies from Santy Labradors. Our dogs are now 3 yrs. & 2 yrs. old, very healthy & energetic, have loving natures, & are much loved members of our family. Friends say they are the most beautiful labs they've ever seen. Pedro & his wife are a pleasure to deal with because of their honesty, professionalism, & love for the dogs. We have stayed in touch and they are always available to answer questions or help in any way. We would not hesitate getting another dog or puppy from Santy Labradors. In fact, we wouldn't even look anywhere else!

Allyson Gunter
We love our Labrador that we got from Santy’s Labs. Our boy is healthy, fun loving and has the best temperament. You can tell they were raised with love and care. And any questions we have about the breed have been answered. We look forward to getting another puppy in a few years. 😊

Bradley Hoyt
We are so happy with our decision to bring home our newest family member from Santy Labradors. It is impossible to accurately describe the quality of puppy we have received. She is beautiful beyond our expectations. You can see the intelligent sparkle behind her eyes along with a temperament which is exemplary. We could not be more pleased. Thank you Santy Labs.

Laurie Stafford
My beautiful English Labrador from Santy Labradors is such an added blessing to our home and our other English Labrador. She has great temperament, a soft mouth, clownish personality, and a gorgeous shiny black coat. My neighbor says she “glistens.” Pedro and Mercedes are great help when answering questions about their puppies and encourage owners to update them on puppies that are adopted. Their English Labradors are absolutely gorgeous. Pedro and Mercedes are dedicated to this breed and love them dearly. Get in line if you are thinking about getting an English Labradors from Santy Labradors. Puppies are reserved before birth.

Chris Cullen
Santy Labradors were above and beyond all expectations. They treat their dogs incredibly well while
maintaining a great environment for a puppy to be born and raised until you pick them up. We purchased a female at 8 weeks and she was already used to her crate, understood potty training, and was quick to understand the basic commands of sit, stay, shake, and lay down. Our pup Sammy is now 4 months old and thriving. Pedro and his wife at Santy have been incredibly supportive along the way with any questions we've had. I grew up with labs and can tell you at 4 months Sammy is the best puppy I've ever owned/worked with because of how Santy raises them. If you are looking for a beautiful, smart, and healthy puppy, you don't need to look anywhere else.

Don Fancher
We just got our puppy, Remi, on the recommendation of friends who have a super sweet and precious lab from Santy Labradors. Our Remi is already proving how much Pedro and Mercedes love their dogs and the amazing quality of their pups. She has a fantastic demeanor and you can tell how smart she is already! We could not be more pleased.

Southeastern Junior Golf Tour
I just got my new puppy from Santy Labradors. I was in search of a quality female lab and Pedro delivered. She is beautiful, healthy and mild mannered. Look forward to the long term relationship with Betty. First class operation.

Cailin Nomad
I could not speak more highly of Santy Labradors. Our communication with Pedro was easy and seamless and he was extremely helpful in not only choosing the pup best suited for us, but helping coordinate getting her across the country during Covid. We got our little girl from him back in June and are so in love with her. She is beautiful and spunky and has the sweetest demeanor. She is so social and wonderful with small children and dogs alike. She has quickly become a part of the family and everyone that meets her falls immediately in love with her as well. We are already contemplating getting another! If you are looking for a perfect English lab, look no further than Santy!

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