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An Accomplishment A Breeder Has of Many.

As a Breeder we have many accomplishments we would like to have. One of them is being able to see what our puppies can accomplish in the dog show world. It is truly a proud moment when one of our puppies is able to win many different prizes in the dog show ring. Some my not be with us but they continue to be Santy Labrador puppy! With that being said we take great pride in knowing what all they are doing in the dog show ring.

We are very proud of Santy Discovery Dark Milo. He is only one year and four months old. On his first day out in the intermediate class, he was 1st in intermediate group, best of male, best of breed, best in group 8 ,and 4th place in best in show.

Honor : Claire Shoemake

Breeder: Santy Labrador

Another proud moment for Santy Labradors is finding out Santy Smokey Mtn Moose has been placed number 3 in Top 20 in The Labrador Retriever Club of the Potomac. It is truly such a great moment to notice how much he has accomplished.


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