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Updated: Apr 23, 2023

Potomac is the biggest show in the world, this year around 1,200 labradors participated, a show where the best breeders in the world meet to show their labradors. It is a week of great intensity!

We had the privilege of always being in the first places with our dogs, which gives us the satisfaction of seeing that as breeders we are always at the forefront. In this presentation we had three brothers in their respective classes.

They were placed in first and second place while participating with more than 20 youngsters in each of their classes.

Nadia got first place in her regular class an

d entered winner B. She was considered for the award not without first saying that the class was completely competitive.

Malta placed second place in a class with more than 20 beautiful youngsters.

Gary took second place with a very close class.

Mila obtained first place and second, in sweepstake and regular class. Competing at the end with a large number of females for sweepstakes.

This year, in the top 20 we were also able to participate with one of our dogs. A great honor as breeders Hard work always ends up paying off.

We feel completely satisfied to see that the effort to find the best crosses not only to find and maintain the Labrador breed. When talking about a breeder, it is knowing how to combine the temperament and structure of an animal. Waiting two months for the arrival of these puppies, helping our female give birth, from opening the bag for the puppy to taking its first breath. Then wait two intense weeks of not sleeping taking care of the litter 24/7, Observing them every min they are with us. Noticing their attitude, conformation, willingness so we can make the decision of which puppy brings everything that is for a show. Once we have made the decision we start training for show. When we achieve all these results we realize that our work and effort has reflected anywhere either in show or as a pet dog.

At Santy Labradors we do not believe in satellite kennels because we do not believe in Quantity we believe in Quality .

We work with lives not with machines.

All Santy you find it was made with love and wisdom of a breeder.


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