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If you are interested in one of our puppies, Contact us  and

we will forward an adoption application to you. Though we do compile a 

waiting list, we don't require deposits until we have a confirmed pregnancy.

All our puppies are sold on limited registration 

 A spay/neuter agreement must be completed. 

We are a small, hobby breeder, having only two to three planned litters per year. 

Most of our litters are promised well in advance. We hand select the homes we feel will be the most loving and nurturing environments for these babies we love. 




We take a great deal of pride and have immense love for our animals. Due care is always

used when breeding and essential clearances are obtained on all our dogs, as well as from the stud. We do this not just for the breed, as a whole, but because we strive for the healthiest, most even tempered Labradors to enhance our lines for that premium companion. We also are particular in placing all our puppies into their perfect forever homes. 


All our puppies receive de-worming at three, four, and six weeks 

of age. At six weeks, each puppy will get their first series of puppy boosters.

We feel the right start in life will lead to a happy and healthy puppy.

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