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Puppy Application 

-Please copy link and fill it out. Once done please email it & we will get in contact with you. 

Puppy Buyer Questionnaire

As a breeder, I feel an obligation to my puppies, to you as a potential puppy buyer, and to myself and my breeding program to do everything possible to place the right puppy in the best home. The following questions will help us to find the best puppy for you. Do the best you can in answering the questions. There are no right or wrong answers.



Phone Number:      Day:                                              Evening:                               Best time to call:

E-mail Address: 


Family Information:

1. Are you married?  ___________  How many adults live in your home?  ___________

2. Do you have any children?  __________    Ages of children in the home:  __________

3. What activities do you enjoy in your spare time?  _____________________________

4. Do all members of your family want to get a puppy?  __________________________

5. Do any family members have allergies to dogs?  ______________________________

6. Who will be the primary care giver for your puppy?  ___________________________

7.  Have you ever owned a dog before?  __________   What happened to that dog?

8. Have you ever given a dog away or taken one to a pound or shelter?  __________   

     If so, what was the circumstance?

9. If your family circumstances change (i.e., a new baby, change of residence or job), what will happen to the dog?

10. Do you currently own any other pets?  ___________________________________


Housing Information:

1.  Do you live in a house/apartment/condo/townhouse?  __________

2.  If renting, do you have your landlord’s permission to have a dog? _________  Please list landlords name, address, and phone number:

3.  Do you have a yard? _______ If so, how large? ___________ If not, how do you plan to exercise your dog?

4.  Is your yard completely fenced with secure fencing? ________   How high? ____________

5.  If not, would you be willing to do so before bringing home a new puppy or build a secure run for the puppy to be in when not being safely supervised for its safety?  ___________

6.  Do you have a swimming pool? _________   Is it fenced off? __________

Puppy Information:

1.  Why have you decided to buy a Labrador Retriever?  __________________________________________

2.  Are you aware of health problems which may affect a Labrador Retriever?  __________

3.  Are you aware that Labradors are not normally barkers, but they are chewers and diggers especially if left alone for extended periods of time?  __________

4.  How do you feel about a dog that sheds (moderate shedding most of the year, heavy during spring and fall)?

5.  Do you prefer male/female and black/yellow/chocolate?  ______________________

6.  Please rank the following factors in order of importance to you in your choice of a puppy (1 = most important):

     Structure/Looks _____

     Temperament _____

     Sex _____

     Color _____

     Black _____ Chocolate _____ Yellow _____

     Family Companion _____

     Potential Show Dog _____

     Potential Breeding Animal _____

     Potential Hunting Dog _____

     Potential Obedience/Agility Dog _____

     Pet Therapy _____

     Search & Rescue _____


     Other (__________________) _____

7.  Where will your dog live (inside, outside, combination of both)?  __________

8.  Is anyone home during the day? ____________   How many hours on the average will your dog spend alone? ___________

9.  Will there be someone available to feed and exercise the puppy during the day?  __________

10. Where will your puppy spend the time when no one is at home?  __________

11. Where will your puppy stay if you go out of town?  __________

12. Where will the puppy sleep at night?  __________

13. Have you thought about how you are going to housebreak the puppy?  __________

14. Are you going to crate-train your puppy?  __________

15. Are you willing to take your puppy to obedience classes?  __________

16. Have you completed any AKC titles on other dogs?  __________

      If so please describe:

17. Is this your first puppy or the first one in many years?  __________

18. Do you plan to spay or neuter your puppy?  __________

19. If this is a show puppy, please list some references -- i.e., breeders, trainers, vets, etc.

20. Have you ever bred a dog/dogs before?  __________

      If so please elaborate:

21. If you have other show puppies, please list and state from whom they were purchased.

22. If this is a show puppy, will you be showing it yourself or will you be hiring someone to show for you?  __________

23. How did you hear about our kennel?

To promote responsible breeding, all of our puppies are sold on a Limited Registration basis. Limited Registration means that the dog is eligible for registration with the American Kennel Club, however, any offspring produced by the dog would not be eligible to be registered with the AKC. This does not mean that the dog is of lesser quality. It just means that they are ineligible to enter conformation shows or produce registered offspring. They are eligible to enter other AKC events such as hunt tests, agility, and obedience trials.

Most puppies purchased from Santy labs are purchased as companion dogs by owners who have no interest in breeding or showing; therefore, limited registration will have no bearing on these dogs and their owner. However, should an owner decide to become involved with showing and/or breeding in the future, limited registration will be a factor. When and if certain necessary criteria are met by the dog and owner, Santy labs can remove the limited designation and allow full registration of the dog after the dog is more than two years of age.

Now it is your turn to ask me questions or tell me more about yourself and your family. The more the better!

Please send this back to me at your convenience. You can cut and paste this into an e-mail or send by regular mail

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