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                      S A N T Y  
           L A B R A D O R  R E T R I E V E R             

How much are your  puppies ?

Our  puppies are $3,500.00 . There is a $500.00 non-refundable deposit is required to get put on our waiting list. 

(Subject to change even if you have a deposit currently with us)

What does non-refundable mean ? If a puppy of color or sex is NOT born to your wants, your deposit is then carried over to the next litter that would have the color and sex you prefer.  All puppies are sold on AKC limited registration and you will sign a contract stating that your puppy will be altered at their proper age.  There are NO Exceptions to this rule.


 Please be aware that we do not normally sell puppies that are represented as Show Prospects, as those puppies are kept  by us to compete in conformation dog shows. 


WE ARE DEDICATED TO BREED dogs that exhibit a wonderful Labrador temperament, conformation, retrieving instincts and intelligence. We breed only the English lined Labradors with stellar temperaments. we are striving to win the larges dog shows in the word and with that we always keep back the one or two puppies from everyone of our litters.

we have very small window to  select our  puppy that will be part of our new generation,Please be patient typical wait time is 6 to 7  weeks after are born  to see this small window that what we have. 

We say it so often that before you ever pick a " puppy picture" pick a respected and real experienced breeder.

 any question you have about the breed please always ask we  are here to answer


How do I make a deposit ?
  checks mailed 

  PayPal ( including information Name, Email, Number ,&. color/sex of puppy)

 Venmo  @Santylabradors-1( including information Name, Email, Number ,&. color/sex of puppy)

• We do still accept checks mailed - however, for a quicker transaction and to get your name on the waiting list quicker we accept Pay Pal If you have never used Pay Pal before please google - "How do I send money via PayPal  and follow those instructions  
Email to send it to is

Must send it via Friends and Family option.  If not there will be a Pay Pal fee that will need paid to me. 
Once in PayPal  there is a NOTE section. 
Please physically type in the section the following: 
        1.) Your email address 
        2.) First choice color/sex and second choice color/sex 
        3.) Lastly, that you understand that this deposit is NON-refundable 

Pick up Or Delivery ?

You are welcome to come pick up your puppy at our location in Pelzer.

 We are always happy to welcome new members to the Santy Labradors Family.

We also happy to plan a trip to deliver your puppy to as long as the puppy meets the requirements to fly on the plane. For more information please contact us to plan a trip. 




@Santy Labradors 1988-2022  The content on this website is not public domain. Please do not download or copy our graphics without written permission, All rights reserved 

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