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Where in South Carolina are we located?

Pelzer SC 


Do you have English style Labradors?

I'm sure through all your research of American and English style Labradors and by looking at my dogs you should be able to tell they are 100% English style... I will never have the American style for I don't prefer their temperaments.


What size and weight will our adults labradors be ?

• The height at the withers for a dog is 22½ to 24½ inches; for a bitch is 21½ to 23½ inches. Any variance greater than ½ inch above or below these heights is a disqualification. Approximate weight of dogs and bitches in working condition: dogs 65 to 80 pounds; bitches 55 to 70 pounds.


WHAT DOES A SHOWHOME Mean?  WE ARE DEDICATED TO BREED dogs that exhibit a wonderful Labrador temperament, conformation, retrieving instincts and intelligence. We breed only the English lined Labradors with stellar temperaments. we are striving to win the larges dog shows in the word and with that we always keep back the one or two puppies from everyone of our litters.

when we have pictures of the puppies? 


We do not send videos  or pictures before the puppies have 6 or 7 weeks old! We have very small window to  select our  puppy that will be part of our new generation. Please be patient typical our wait time is 6 to 7  weeks after being born  to see this small window that what we have. 

We say it so often that before you ever pick a " puppy picture" pick a respected and real experienced breeder.

 any question you have about the breed please always ask we  are here to answer. 


When do you recommend spay or neutering ?

• The future and health of our dogs are very important to us along with keeping our bloodlines untouched by unnecessary breedings, not to mention possible dogs ending up in shelters from not breeding them correctly etc.  Spay and neutering is very important to do however, we don't recommend getting this done until your dogs is:1 year to 18 months of age. **Please note that veterinarians more than likely will not agree with this recommendation. We feel that our bloodlines need the growth hormones to grow properly with hopefully less issues later.  Any questions about it please ask me.  If alteration is done before my recommended time frame my guarantee is voided.  This dog will be on a limited AKC registration.      


How do we get to pick our puppy?

Please keep in mind that we as breeders have no control of what color or sex is born, so please be willing to accept a different color and or sex. With our litters, the breeder will always have first and second pick to choose puppies that will continue our breeding lines. 

How you get to pick your puppy is determined by when your deposit has been received.  ie: Senerio #1  If you are 3rd on my waiting list for a yellow male and only 2 yellow males are born then either your second choice sex or color comes into consideration, and IF you don't have a second option then your deposit gets carried over to the next litter whenever that will be.  Senerio #2 If you are 3rd on the waiting list for yellow males and there are 5 yellow males born then on pick up day the two families that have deposits before you get to pick their puppy before you.

I do recommend having a second choice of color and/or sex which of course could increase your chances of getting a puppy from a particular litter.  Please keep in mind that most of my puppies are sold BEFORE they are born.

Another recommendation is please do not discuss the first stages of puppy buying with your children until about a week before picking it up , Anything can happen during birth and the first couple weeks, and I would hate to cause any heartbreak.


When can our puppy go home ?

Gestation for dogs is 63 days and by law I have to keep the puppies until they are 8 weeks old.  Pull out a calendar and review to make sure that your schedule works with puppy pick-up dates.  Anyone who needs a puppy to stay here over 8 weeks will be charged a $ 10.00 a day boarding fee.


Do all Santy's Pups go home with micro-chips ?Yes ! if you want, some people prefer

to do it with their veterinarian, $52.00 more if you want the micro-chip


Do you have the laid back temperament Labradors ?

Yes !  We have generations of wonderful dispositions and temperaments.... Our dogs are quite versatile so if you are a couch potato you Labrador will be right by your side... if you are very active your Labrador will be right there with you.


Health and genetic testing done?  

  • Yes we do... there are many screen tests that are needed before any Labrador at our place is bred. 

  • OFA Hips and Elbows 
    CAER (formerly CERF) - exam by an opthamologist yearly 
    PRA - progressive retinal atrophy 
    EIC - exercise induced collapse 
    HPNK - Hereditary Nasal Parakeratosis   
    D Locus - Dilute Clear 


How much can we exercise our puppy/dog ?


Please consider Labrador puppies grow up to close to 2 years old.... try to limited high jumping up (ie: for a toy/frisbee) jumping down (ie: out of vehicle/couch/bed) and running (ie: beside you/golf cart/bicycle)  Once all their growth plates have closed and they are physically mature (usually around age 2) and once they are conditioned enough for heavy exercise like jogging with you, etc.... it's a process just like you starting to run... they will need to build up to it and it will not happen over night.


What food do you feed ?


There are not many companies that have "true" research on the needs of a growing puppy other than Royal Canin.  Why is this important ? Would you feed your baby adult food ?  NO for baby food is designed for a growing baby and is the exact reason why I recommend Royal Canin Puppy food until at least a year old.  If this particular food is not fed all guarantees are voided.

After a year old there are many great foods on the market, just please stay away from any brands you can buy at a grocery store.


Health & Temperament

Health and temperament are paramount to us. To help us breed sound dogs, all of the dogs we breed have had x-rays and are determined to be free of dysplasia by the Orthopedic Foundation for Animals (OFA). We also have their eyes certified annually to be free of inheritable eye disorders by a board certified Veterinary Ophthalmologist (ACVO). We believe that temperament has a very large genetic component and therefore we only breed dogs that exhibit a wonderful Labrador temperament, conformation, retrieving instincts and intelligence. We breed only the English lined Labradors with stellar temperaments. People ask me this all the time how is the temperament of your puppies? I really don't know how to answer this other than they are wonderful... just come and see for yourself!

What should I have before picking up my puppy ?

Make sure you have your Royal canin Labrador Retriever puppy food , pre-order your Nuvet supplements. This is very important you do before your puppy arrives to your Home.  Crate and bed ready for your puppy's arrival. 

Puppy Guarantee


 Three days  Health Guarantee 

The purchaser must have the puppy examined by a licensed Veterinarian of choice within three days of purchase

Hips and Elbows Dysplasia 

the puppy must be x-ray at 24 moths from birth by licensed veterinarian. If severe hereditary hips/elbows dysplasia is found, a copy of the original x-rays must be sent to the seller along with a letter from the veterinarian who performed the examination. and proof too  the orthopedic foundation for animals ,the purchase have the right in return the dog to the seller within 24 hours from date and time of the agreement This return will allow the purchaser to receive credit in the amount of the purchase price towards the acquisition of the first available puppy of equal value

 All puppies are sold with AKC  limited registration (not breed not conformation show) 


IF you are interested in Knowing our Kennel you are more than WELCOME, Please make in appointment with us (NO EXCEPTION) 

We try to send photographs in the growth process many times we have to apologize because we cannot send the photos I need you to understand that we do not make a living from this, my business is a Landscaping  and is full time, Mercedes is taking care of your puppy all day but  we have adult dogs that deserve our attention, we have to prepare them to show, take them swimming, we have a diet for adult dogs, times to run times to take naps, it is a work all day for us, the most important thing is Quality of life  and taking care of our dogs, we try to give ourselves some time and take those pictures, the Quality and Health of your puppy is the most important thing for us, for the day you pick it up you know that you have a Quality and a Healthy puppy in your hands and above all that  he has grown up with LOVE  and CARE 

Remember  our Passion is to continue with our Hobby which is to attend the show in have the Best puppy or Dog (the Best condition , Health  and Mind ) ,that is our purpose of breeding 


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