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Santy Labrador's Family

Most of you know that Santy Labradors Kennel was found by Pedro and Mercedes Olvera. If you have spoken to us you will know that our dogs are family to us. FAMILY is extremely important to us. As that is the reason why we always say "welcome to the Santy Labrador Family!" You do not only add an addition to your family but you have also been added to our family. We add you to our family because raising our puppies is an emotional journey for us. They always take our breath away since the day they are born. Pedro and I stay long hours up at night to watch them their first few weeks. Afterwards I (Mercedes) talk to them everyday in a VERY high pitch baby voice. I love being able to see them run up to me as I approach them because they can just hear my voice. Pedro and I love being able to see them run around our backyard as we observe them to know their temperament with each other. As we have enjoyed them their first eight weeks with us pick up day is always the happiest but the saddest day for us. That is the day that we are excited for you to add an addition to your family and to ours. Yet, it is sad for us to let them go we know that they will have such an amazing life journey with you. We are always so thrilled to see photos or to read stories about the silly moments you are sharing with them now.

As we talk about Santy Labrador Family we would love for everyone to connect together in our new facebook group called Santy Labrador Family.

We can not wait to hear and see all the amazing stories and pictures. Thank You everyone for being apart of our family.


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